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Many businesses invest a small fortune in innovations and new technological products, but only the least of these solutions will thrive in real market conditions. Others might create technological perfection that unfortunately fails to meet a product-market fit. Business analysis is a foundation that makes a difference by developing a clear vision of software products, setting sustainable product growth vectors from the very beginning, and sticking to a roadmap to their success in the industry.

Business Analysis Drives Predictable Results in IT Projects

Business analysis (BA) leverages industry-specific methodologies to identify underserved market segments, reveal opportunities for business, and bridge gaps between stakeholders and the development team by setting clear goals and identifying requirements for software solutions. Acting as agents of change, BA experts facilitate the evolution of software products and optimize the development processes to maximize the value delivered to their stakeholders. As a result, both end-users and stakeholders obtain a desirable product.

Our Business Analysis Services

Project Discovery

Whether you start from just a business idea or are planning a major update of your flagship product, our team will help validate, refine and fill in all gaps in requirements, solution design, and planning. 


Our discovery team usually includes a business analyst, UX expert, solution architect, and project manager. We analyze the future project from business, user, and tech perspectives. We validate the concept, elaborate feasibility, and refine the scope with respect to competitive advantages, end-users requirements, business needs, and market constraints. Based on this, we conduct tech analysis and design the solution, which will cover system architecture, technology stack, IT infrastructure and catch key technical decisions required to build and scale up your digital product. Also, as part of discovery, we put together a project delivery plan, budget estimates, team structure, and risk management plan to enable your successful journey through managed and predictable implementation.

Requirements Management

To build a foundation for sustainable software product development, you should first define complete and consistent software requirements. This includes the elaboration of business needs, epic features, and desirable business outcomes, as well as transforming them into agreed requirements specifications. As a member of an agile team, our BA experts bridge the gap between product owners and the engineering team, help prioritize the product backlog, refine detailed requirements, and support the product development process up to release.

Software Requirement Audit

With the right requirements management in place, your development team can focus on important aspects from the very beginning, reveal opportunities, foresee technical risks and address bottlenecks before they impact your product. If you experience continuous issues with providing your engineering team with correct, complete, and consistent requirements we can help you to assess the current requirements process and come up with improvements that will raise your product development to the next level. We provide a comprehensive assessment of your artifacts and maturity of existing practices to identify gaps. Our experts will help you to set up efficient requirements management and seamlessly implement the improvements in the software delivery framework.

Enterprise Business Processes Analysis

Enterprise business process analysis works to assess existing operational workflows and suggest comprehensive improvements to improve performance. This involves an in-depth analysis of processes initiated, stakeholders involved, information exchanged, technology solutions used, and artifacts created. Comprehensive business processes analysis unveil opportunities to accelerate the processing, remove excessive activities, shrink time-to-result, and uncover additional resources to leverage enterprise growth.

Product-market Fit Analysis

You can unfold and leverage the market potential of your product by discovering the actual reasons for the target customers to buy, use, and recommend others your offerings. By performing in-depth market and audience research our BA experts define underserved needs and profiles of ideal customers. On the basis of thorough product and competition analysis, we refine a value proposition that resonates with your ideal users’ needs, identify must-have features, and provide insights on user experience.


IT Product Ownership

The product owner saves stakeholders’ valuable time and effort by representing them in front of the software development team at all times while being responsible for the ultimate project’s outcomes. Having a deep understanding of customers’ needs, vast domains, and technology expertise, product owners handle the product backlog and prioritize requirements to maximize the value delivered to users and crucial product success metrics.

How Business Analysis Adds Value to Your Project

With a BA onboard the team initially focuses on validated software requirements approved by stakeholders, feasible from the technology perspective, and prioritized according to business value and system design considerations. Business Analysis saves stakeholders valuable time while reducing project reworks, underutilized functionality, and requirement churn, and ensuring the product will be high-grade from the first attempt.

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