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Business intelligence (BI) leverages software to transform huge volumes of raw data into valuable information and help organizations make reasonable choices, grounded decisions, and define priorities. Robust BI solutions employ business analysis, data mining, data visualization, and sophisticated data analytics technologies to spot market trends, provide market benchmarks, optimization possibilities, and unfold growth opportunities.

Our Business Intelligence Services

Measure and keep track of everything

Capture and analyze your organization’s online and offline data streams in real-time via a single environment. Using data visualization, tailored dashboards, you can decompose complex goals, and shift employees’ focus on determinants that drive tangible results.

Business insight mining

Analyze and benchmark organization operations, identify patterns, unobvious correlations, understand reasons for your ups and downs, reveal opportunities and threats. Through comprehensive data analytics, you can gather actionable insights on customer behavior, employees’ performance, suppliers, and partners interactions.

Trends capturing and forecasting

Analyze historical and real-time data simultaneously for better estimation, resource planning, and rapid response to changing market conditions. In contrast to traditional analysis approaches, intelligent data analytics has much higher accuracy and faster response time which enriches you with up-to-date insights when relevant and applicable.

Self-service business intelligence

Access data even without a tech background and create visually rich dashboards, insightful reports, custom alerts to detect anomalies and spot trends. Having quick access to up-to-date data in one place enables employees to use BI daily, make educated guesses, reduce time-to-insight, and eliminate IT or data analyst bottlenecks.

How We Can Help

End-to-end business intelligence product development

We bring our profound expertise to handle all aspects of the BI development lifecycle—from the requirements stage to launch, maintenance and a market-ready business intelligence solution.

Expand the in-house business intelligence capabilities

We assemble a turn-key BI development team that strengthens your capacity, accelerates development, and shortens the payback time of the business intelligence solutions.

BI consulting on technology and architecture

We assemble a turn-key team that seamlessly increases your in-house capabilities, accelerates development, and decreases time-to-value of data management solutions.

Business Intelligence implementation

Implementation or migration to a scalable and robust business intelligence solution that covers organizations data needs and operational challenges. BI systems act as unified sources of company data with integrated performance tracking, automated reporting, KPIs monitoring, and notifications to keep all employees on the same page and result-oriented.

Enterprise BI systems development

Building sustainable infrastructure around BI solutions, integrating data warehouses, establishing ETL pipelines for data storing and preparation. Embedding a BI functionality into desktop, cloud, web, mobile apps, and other systems. So, you get a complex and autonomous BI ecosystem specifically tailored to your company’s needs and industry peculiarities.

Modernization of the BI software

Auditing and upgrading your existing solution with new data sources and formats, new capabilities, sophisticated data storages, and top-notch functionality. As a result, you receive accelerated data processing, more accurate business insights, better business overview, enhanced operational efficiency, and improved internal data democratisation.

Digital products analytics

Development of comprehensive analytics solutions to better understand how the users interact with your digital product or service. Visualisation and analysis of behavioural data helps your team not only accurately calculate LTV and customer churn, but also identify impactful opportunities, optimise every step of your customer journey, and improve client retention.

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