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Enterprise IT Integration and Customization Services

NIX offers a full range of IT integration services associated with CRM and cloud computing systems. These services provide our clients with new competitive edges, help to automate business processes, and decrease operational costs. As a result this has proven to increase overall business efficiency and income.

Full Range of Customization and Integration Services

Your business may suffer if you are unable to process and analyze large amounts of data. Making decisions based on inaccurate or outdated data can cost you new business opportunities as you risk losing out on significant patterns and insights. Moreover, your company may be more susceptible to fraud and data breaches if you can’t identify unusual trends and abnormalities in your data. We can significantly minimize your losses with our extensive technical expertise in building on-premise data lakes using Hadoop and, on the cloud using Azure data lake and AWS S3.  We analyze stored data with tools like Spark to generate valuable data.

Cloud-based IT Integration and Maintenance Services

NIX engineers provide a full range of services based on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud computing platforms. We develop secure and interoperable cloud solutions that provide your business with all benefits of cloud integration systems.

Cloud Integration Services

NIX engineers follow an end-to-end approach, providing IT integration services in the cloud. We have broad expertise in using most products offered by cloud platforms. This allows us to assist you, starting from the selection of the most appropriate cloud platform to the configuration of data, app integration, data management, and 24-hour support for your system.

CRM Integration

Our IT system integration services include implementation and customization of different CRM systems. NIX engineers help you customize features according to your business goals and requirements, configure interaction with an existing enterprise system and external services, and help your employees adapt to innovations and utilize their full potential.

CRM implementation serves as a powerful tool boosting company’s capabilities. It can enhance operational, analytical, and collaborative tasks, making business management sharp and efficient.

Cloud Integration Benefits

Improved operational efficiency

Increased flexibility and scalability

Quicker time-to-market

Better internal communication

Improved customer service, support, and retention

Increased competitive edge

Reduced operational costs and increased revenue

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